Discover a Unique Approach to Theological Education for the New Millennium

Miami International Seminary (MINTS-Miami) exists to serve and glorify the Lord God. Our mission is to support and strengthen Christians and churches in South Florida by providing undergraduate and graduate theological and ministry education that  is biblicalaffordable and accessible.


The knowledge and practice of God’s word is essential to the well-being of individuals and churches. It is the mission of MINTS-Miami to faithfully interpret, teach, and apply the Scriptures, to equip our students to do so for themselves and prepare them to teach others. Our teaching, rooted in historic biblical orthodoxy, seeks to educate students to know and to apply biblical truth and the grace of God to every situation of life and aspect of culture. 


There are many people who could benefit from theological education but are unable to afford the cost. It is the mission of MINTS-Miami to make theological education available to anyone who desires it regardless of his or her economic situation. We have, therefore, determined to keep our tuition and fees at a fraction of the cost of other seminaries.


Most of our students juggle responsibilities at home, work and church. It is the mission of MINTS-Miami to make access to a theological education as convenient as possible by offering classes at a variety of locations throughout South Florida.